Bloemhof, a maize and cattle farming town,on the banks of the Vaal River.


Bloemhof is located on the banks of the Vaal River.

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The town Bloemhof was established in 1864.


Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve

An ideal stopover to enjoy a drive through Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve which has a variety of small and large antelope species and 256 bird species, with the option of staying over to take in some angling for carp and barbel on either the Bloemhof Dam or the Vaal River.

Bloemhof Dam is one of the prime angling destinations in South Africa and hosts a number of major local and international angling competitions. The game reserve hosts most of the plains species which can be viewed on open grassland.

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S A Lombard Game Reserve

Situated to the northwest of the town, this well known game breeding centre is an important gene pool for many plains game species, particularly the black wildebeest where the species was saved from extinction.

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