The North West Provincial Government held its National Media Launch of Bray July on 21st June 2016 in Johannesburg. This event was to share information on this unique event that is to be held in Bray on 16th July 2016.

Speaking about the event it was communicated that the operational objective of the event is “To be the biggest Horse Racing Event ever to be held in a small Dorpie in South Africa and on the continent.

The strategic vision as explained by the Hon. Mayor of Dr. Ruth Segomotso Mompati is, “To grow the economy of Bray and its surrounding areas.”

Bray is a predominantly rural area and is the epitomy of what the area has been described as the Texas of South Africa. As such it is important to have events such as these to assist in boosting economic growth within the region. This is especially important as the drought has forced farmers to sell their livestock.

“An event such as this brings wealth and assists the locals in making a living,” explained Mr. Friek Du Preez, founding member of Bray July.  He further went on to reiterate that the unique selling point of the event is that it “gives one the opportunity to see normal farm workers partaking in horse racing as jockeys and enjoying safari like no other. This makes for a worthwhile experience and an opportunity for the community to benefit from the spin offs.”

There will be several other events taking place besides the horse racing such as a poitjie kos competition, a beauty pageant, folk dans competition, netball and soccer competitions, craft markets and so many more.

The public is welcome to come to Bray and enjoy in the festivities of a different kind.


Objectives of Bray are:

  • Economic growth
  • Social Cohesion among the Bray Community
  • Address social challenges (Drugs, alcohol abuse, non-attendance of school etc)
  • To address transformation issues in the Bray Precinct
  • Game Farming Connection in the Bray area (Best Game Farms are in Bray, this could prove as a catalyst to stimulating economic growth)
  • Infrastructural Development in the area
  • Leadership stimulation and sense of self-worth among the Bray Community
  • Change Management re : social landscape of Bray




schedule BRAYJULY2016



For more information contact:

Mr.Karabo Mothibi Zacharia         073 306 8485                      Bray July

Ms.Tsholofelo Jood                         076 612 8688                      Gambling Board

Ms.Monde Kakula                            078 623 4644                      NW Tourism

Mr.Themba Galeng                          082 410 4910                      Dr. Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District



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