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Sun City

The Suncity Resort in South Africa – entertainment for everyone !

Sun City is in the Bojanala Region of the North West Province.

In the centre of a volcanic valley surrounded by the slopes of the Pilanesberg mountains, a wilderness wonderland rises from the dust. Shimmering in the African sun, the fantastic Sun City Resort Complex could be mistaken for a mirage.

The dream began with a middle of nowhere luxury hotel in the sun. It soon evolved to include a second sumptuous hotel, the Cascades, with a tropical garden, a flamingo lake lapping the edge of the building, rushing waterfalls and a Sky Train which whisks visitors between destinations within the resort.

Then Sol Kerzner’s imagination looped the loop in a defiant free fall and he built his ultimate fantasy – the ‘recreation’ of a Lost City which, legend has it, was inhabited by gentle people of an ancient civilization.

The Lost City, complete with the ‘Shrine of the Sacred Monkey’, ruins of old temples, ancient carvings, grottos – an illusion of some idyllic ancient civilisation rediscovered. The Palace of the Lost City is undoubtedly one of the architectural wonders of Africa. The African theme is carried through every detail; life size elephants, cheetahs hunting, sable and springbuck, in combination with the Valley of the Waves and the Bridge of Time.

The Lost City has as its centre a ‘palace’ of impossible opulence guarded by towering elephants lining an immense bridge; it is ringed with man-made lakes stocked with rare birds and fish, pools, forests and a tropical beach with perfect surfing waves – electrically generated. Lit with the glow of a million candles, the Palace is decorated with Renaissance frescoes, hand-carved furniture, mosaic-inlaid floors and towering columns of false tusks and palm fronds.

The Sun City Resort Complex is one of the world’s largest adult entertainment centres, a luxury theme park for grown-up kids. Gaming on the casino tables, golfingon its superb 18-hole course, watching boxing matches, attending performances by some of the world’s most popular stars, lazing in the plush ambience of the complex. And when the day’s play is over, there are beds for more than 2000 guests.

A vast entertainment area provides for floor shows, slot machines, gaming tables – all on the edge of Pilanesberg National Park. For over a decade now, the huge Sun City resort complex, which includes the Cascades Hotel, has been one of South Africa’s top tourist drawcards, a place to gamble, a place to take in stage extravaganzas and a place to play – especially golf on the superb Gary Player courses.

Today the Sun City Resort Complex is one of the world’s largest adult entertainment centres, a luxury theme park for grown-up kids. And when the day’s play is over, there are beds for more than 2000 guests

Out of doors, two championship golf courses – one with crocodiles at the 13th hole – are bordered by the Pilanesberg National Park (home to the ‘Big Five’) where a vigorous conservation programme has resulted in more than 300 rhinos numbered among the 10 000 animals in the reserve. The 55 000 hectare park is the third biggest game reserve in Southern Africa. Game-viewing can be enjoyed from specially adapted four-wheel-drive vehicles, or Kerzner-style, from the lazy heights of a hot-air balloon and followed by a sumptuous bush breakfast.

Convention Centre

When a video network links all conference rooms in Sun City and the Lost City, the resort will be able to host a single convention for 4,300 people.

Nedbank Challenge

The Nedbank Golf Challenge (formerly the Million Dollar Golf Challenge) has long been a highlight of the golf calendar in South Africa and overseas, with a hefty US$2 million cheque for the winner.

Entertainment – The Super Bowl

Africa’s finest venue for concerts. Stars such as Queen, Bryan Adams, Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart have performed at this 6,000 seat arena.

Historical Heritage

An Overview

Early Warfare

Pre-European history included conflicts between the local Tswana people and the migrating Ndebele people who left Zululand under their leader Mzilikasi to get away from the tyrany of Shaka.


It was in the North West Province, in 1838, where General Potgieter settled after he defeated the armies of Mzilikazi at Kapain and Mosega. He was assisted in this effort by the Griqua and the Barolong, a terrorised tribe.

Some of ancestors of these people still live in North West. Potgieter later left the area but not before founding the oldest town, north of the Vaal River, in South Africa, namely Potchefstroom.

The Jameson Raid

In 1895 the Jameson raid was launched from Mahikeng, another historic town in the North West. The aim of the raid was to topple the government of President Kruger, in the then South African Republic. The raid failed miserably.

The Anglo-Boer War

Mahikeng was in the main stream of South African history again during the early years of the Anglo-Boer War when the Boer forces besieged the town for 217 days, from 1899 until May 1900; during which time Sol Plaatje wrote his literary masterpiece “The Boer War Diary of Sol T Plaatje: an African at Mafikeng”.

Plaatje was later to become one of the founding fathers of the South African Native National Congress, the forerunner of the African National Congress, in 1912.

The first phase of the Anglo-Boer War lasted less than a year and was followed by two years of guerilla warfare. During that phase more engagements took place in the then Western Transvaal than in any other part of the country.

Apart from the famous siege of Mafikeng, no less than 20 significant engagements took place during the 20 months between 7 August 1900 and 11 April 1902. These battles were spread evenly across the old Western Transvaal, now the Eastern half of the North West Province.

More on the Anglo Boer War.

The Union of South Africa

After the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910 most of the area now known as the North West formed part of the “old Transvaal”, throughout the period of Afrikaner nationalism and the founding of the Republic of South Africa in 1961.

Homeland Policy

During the leadership of BJ Vorster the implementation of the Homeland Policy lead to the incorporation of a large part of modern day North West into a homeland called Bophuthatswana, over which Lucas Mangope presided.

Our Oldest Towns

The three oldest towns in the old Transvaal are all located in the North West Province, being Potchefstroom,Klerksdorp and Rustenburg. The white settlement of the interior was aided by a process called the Difaqane, meaning “human scattering” and amounted to the almost frenzied movement of large communities away from the impi’s (armies) of Mzilikazi, with the result that the Boers found the interior largely unpopulated.


The country was finally reincorporated into the North West Province under the new dispensation of the new Republic of South Africa in 1994.

Mahikeng – capital city

Mahikeng – Capital City


Mahikeng is in the Dr Ngaka Modiri Molema District, (Central Region).


The area was named in 1852 by early BaRolong chiefs. Mahikeng was founded in the 1880’s.

The original name of the city, Mahikeng, literally means “the place among rocks”. The name refers to the volcanic rocks that provided temporary shelter to Stone Age humans in their hunt on animals drinking water in the Molopo River. This name was given to the area in 1852 by early BaRolong chiefs who had settled along the river, near the present day village of Rooigrond, after the upheaval of the “Difequane”. The “Difequane” was a period of intertribal war, aggravated by the passage of the exiled Zulu chief, Mzilikazi, through the area.More about the early history

Mahikeng later attracted the attention of the world during the Anglo Boer War/ South African War of 1899 to 1902 as the small British garrison under the command of Colonel Baden Powell held out for 217 days against Boer forces who had surrounded the town.
More about the Anglo Boer War / South African War

Today Mahikeng is a vibrant provincial and commercial capital and a major tourism attraction for the aspects of the history, culture and wildlife of this unique region of South Africa.

More About Mahikeng Today

Sights in and around Mahikeng

Most visitors to Mahikeng are surprised to find there is more to the town than the Anglo Boer War, the Mahikeng Siege and the Boy Scouts. Although the city prides itself on these three historically important events, all of them well documented, there is much, much more to he seen.

For many years the mentality of Empire and Colonialism predominated Mahikeng’s place in history and little relevance was placed on the role of black people in the town’s history. Since 1995, much has been done to correct this imbalance and the predominant tribe in the area, the BaRolong-Boora-Tshidi has done much to change these perceptions.

Visit the Mahikeng Museum to view the extensive ethnographic and Anglo-Boer War exhibits. To the south east of Mahikeng is Kanon Kopje, a defensive fort built during the Warren Expedition of 1885. Nearby the Kgotla of the Barolong Boora Tshidi, the tribal meeting place of Chief Montshoia. A monument honouring the Barolong who died during the Mahikeng siege stands beside another in recognition of Kgosi Besele Montshoia, head of the Barolong Regiment during the siege. Also nearby is the Mahikeng Siege Cemetery.

There are a number of sites linking the famous Sol Plaatje, South African politician, journalist, campaigner for human rights, novelist & translator, to Mahikeng at the time of the siege. These sites include his residence, his newspaper office and printing works.

The 4600 ha Mahikeng Game Reserve hosts a wide variety of game and is on the principal breeding parks for White Rhino. The Manyane Game Lodge features a lion enclosure and crocodile camp. 30 km west of the city, the Botsalano Game Reserve is a popular weekend attraction for game viewing.

Heritage House, is located at the entrance to Mahikeng on the Lichtenburg Road (R503), housing the Head Office of the North West Parks and Tourism Board at Cookes Lake.

To the south of the road to Vryburg is the Lotlamoreng Cultural Reserve and Montshiwua Dam where there is a cultural village, recreational area and a demarcated waterfowl sanctuary. Nearby is the Modimola Dam, an angling and weekend picnicking site.

The western suburbs of Mahikeng house the provincial parliament at the impressive government offices known as the Garona. The Mmabana Cultural Centre nearby promotes music and many artistic disciplines through numerous practical workshops and exhibitions. The Mmabatho Conference Centre has facilities to host up to 6,000 delegates and is centrally located for transport and hotels.

The North West Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management is located in Mahikeng.

Moving to the east the inland diving venue at Wondergat, a vast underwater network of caves used principally for diving instruction.

The Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature & Environment is located on the borders of the Mahikeng Game Reserve. This international scouting centre provides skills training in management, leadership and team building to both the local and international students.

Mahikeng is served by excellent hotels, guesthouses and bed & breakfast establishments. There is a casino located at the Tusk Mmabatho Casino Resort.

There are two golf courses: the Leopard Park Golf Club, located in the western suburbs and the Mahikeng Golf Club.

The International School of South Africa, which attracts students from all parts of Africa, is located on extensive grounds in Mahikeng.

More about our sites of interest

Visit the Mahikeng web site

Cultural Heritage

Experience time in this rich land where tradition is as valued as progress ..
Cultural hutNdebele womanNdebele dwellingMural artDrummerTraditional musiciansTraditional dancingTraditional hutsInterpretive sessionNdebele womanOxwagonMampoer distiller.

The People of the North West

The arrestingly diverse landscape of the North West is occupied by charming people who’s responsibility to the land parallels their strong sense of tradition.

The culture of the people of the North West is to be found in every aspect of the daily lives of the people. – in their beadwork, the pottery, the houses, the music and song.

The people of the North West are predominantly BaTswana in origin and their language is SeTswana. They can trace their origins for many centuries through a turbulent history of war and migration across the plains and valleys of the province to the borders of the Kalahari.

Other groups touching the North West are the Ndebele in the east and theSotho in the south.

The North West Province is blessed with several cultural villages that entertain and enrich as they interpret South Africa’s people in their own unique manner.

Culture Experiences

Lesedi Cultural Village

An International favourite… for a fully interpretative african experience for those who wish to participate in mystical cultures, steeped in folklore and ancestral tradition.

Sleep over in one of the authentic villages. Wide range of curio’s on sale.

web site

+27 (0)12 205 1394

Mphebatho Cultural Museum in Moruleng Village

The Mphebatho Cultural Museum offers you a chance to view and participate in the unique culture and history of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela community leaving around the Pilanesberg mountains in the North West province. This vibrant community centre provides an alternative experience of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela heritage, culture and tradition. The museum is a community based organization located in Moruleng village, a mere 20 minutes drive from world renowned Sun-city and in close periphery to Mogwase town and Pilanesberg National Park.

read more…

The Lost City of Mogale

The Lost City of Mogale is the ancestral home of Chief Mogale (1810-1869), after whom the Magaliesberg was named, and his Po people. You can see remains of well preserved late Iron Age settlements, both early Ndebele and Tswana/Sotho.

Highlights include:

The chief’s courtyard and reception

The chief’s private place of worship and cattle kraal

Ceremonial cairns

Ancestral Centre of worship including the Symbolical entrance

Remains of Slaughtering kraal

Unique fault in granite rock, used for ages, containing water, believed to have healing capabilities


Buya Zulu Cultural KraalBuya Zulu is an authentic Zulu Kraal headed by Jo Mbogwazi. He and his group originate from Hluhluwe, Northern Zululand. The Kraal consists of six Zulu huts, one decorated to be a show hut. The others are used to live in.

You will experience traditional huts with all the utensils of traditional Zululand, see people wearing traditional clothes, a show of shield and spear making, beadwork, traditional pottery, taste a sip of Zulu beer, maybe consult the sangoma and enjoy a real Zulu dance program, telling the stories of years long gone by. Camping facilities are available.

Mapoch Ndebele Village

Cell: +27 (0)72 746 5666 or +27(0)84 753 8439

The colourfully painted abodes of the Ndebele villagers are an irresistible photo opportunity, not to mention a curio collectors heaven. The sensational handcrafted bead work of the Ndebele woman folk are reasonably priced and come in a variety of products. The village is located near Brits.

Gaabo Motho Cultural Village

Tel +27 (0) 12 563 0102

Close to Hebron, this scenic mountain top village offers the best African traditional fare. The village relays ancient survival & birthing practices and visitors can meet an authentic traditional healer.

more information…

Kortkloof Cultural VillageIn the Mampoer Country, Groot Marico, dedicated to the Tswana tribe.

Marico Valley Mampoer(014252) ask for 2212 & Cell: 083 700 8538

Groot Marico – On the Rustenburg/ Mmabatho Road. We welcome visitors at any time for a mampoer tour. We offer 8 mampoers & 16 liqueurs. Farm weddings.

M & M Mampoer Farm(014252) ask for 2922 – will change to (014) 503 0365

Groot Marico – On the Rustenburg/ Mmabatho Road; for mampoer & mampoer liqueur tasting.

Schoemanati+27 (0)18 291 1354 & 082 927 0012

At Schoemansdrift, outside Potchefstroom. Mampoer tasting sessions in a house with Anglo Boer War history, talks on the history of mampoer production. Medal winning mampoer distiller who offers 6 mampoers, 1 witblits, 2 brandies & 20 liqueurs.

By appointment only.

Syfergat+27 (0)18 581 9513

Syfergat is 45 km Klerksdorp on the Wolmaransstad Road. Turn left at Bona Bona Game Farm. Mampoer, witblits, liqueurs & aged brandy. Champion Mampoer distiller.

By appointment only.

Taung Heritage Site

The Taung Heritage Site is of enormous scientific importance. It was at these limestone diggings at the old Buxton quarry in 1924 that the lime encrusted skull of a child was unearthed. Prof Raymond Dart, who discovered the skull belonging to an early hominid, named it “Australopithecus africanus” meaning the “southern ape of Africa”. The Taung Heritage Site is dedicated to the discovery of this skull. A monument to the discovery is at the site and an old mine tunnel has been opened for exploration.

The discovery of the Taung child skull at the Buxton quarry was heralded as one of the most significant archaeological events of the time and caused an enormous amount of discussion, both in support of, and against the scientific classification given by Dr Raymond Dart. The find effectively advanced the evidence of the existence of early man in Africa by more than a million years, leading many scientists to believe that the origin of early man was indeed initiated on the African continent.

The Buxton quarry, which is no longer being mined, remains an important scientific research site and is also a place of great peace and tranquillity.

The Taung site is not only of archaeological importance. From the limestone cliffs at the head of the valley, a constant flow of clear water flows through a succession of attractive pools (the Blue Pools) in descent down to this ancient valley. The azure Blue Pools are surrounded by picturesque caves and streams. This is a popular hiking, abseiling and picnic venue.


The Taung Heritage Site and the Blue Pools are located to the West of the village of Taung at the Buxton Quarry.


At the Taung crossroad, turn to the west for 4km then left to Pampierstad for 6,5km then right for 3,8km to the Buxton quarry. Indicator boards will lead you to the gates.


Australian anthropologist Professor Raymond Dart made his startling find here in 1924.


Blue Pools

A popular picnic site at the Buxton quarry at the Taung Heritage Site. Barbecue facilities, set alongside a pristine spring winding through an ancient limestone valley.


The Vredefort Dome was created by a massive meteorite, over 10km³ in diameter. It struck the earth about 2023 million years ago, near the present day village of Vredefort.

The impact created a crater some 90 km in diameter and 16-18 km deep and caused a tremendous shift in in the earth’s crust across a radius of over 300km diameter.

From the air, a partial ring of hills can be seen clearly. These hills form an arc to the north and west of Vredefort and Parys, centring on Vredefort. This area is known as the “Vredefort Dome”.

Several landowners in the region have come together to form the Vredefort Dome Conservancy.

The Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site is one of the province’s prime adventure tourism sites with numerous tour operators and accommodation facilities catering for the needs of campers, hikers, rock climbers, canoeists and white water rafters.


The dome is situated about 100 km south west of Johannesburg, a short distance away from the N1 highway to Cape Town.


The Vredefort Dome was created by a massive meteorite some 3000 million years ago.

more about the dome

rock formations

Fun for the Children

Sun City is internationally renowned as Africa’s premier holiday resort and offers a myriad entertainment and relaxation opportunities, as well as enough attractions and activities to keep everyone busy.

The resort complex captivates visitors with its combination of golf, game and gambling as well as world-class hotels. Sun City offers everything and more and it has become a haven for holidaymakers to South Africa. Sun City has a little bit of everything for anyone and everyone, it caters for families, and especially for children.

Children are welcome at many of the more adult-centered spots, and places such as the Valley of Waves cater for both old and young, but take a walk (or shuttle ride) over to the Cabanas and ask for the Cabanas Children’s Activity Park – a world specially designed for children; were daydreams are encouraged and all that matters is fun and fantasy.

Welcome to Kamp Kwena

Sun City’s Kamp Kwena was the first Kamp Kwena kids club ever created. It was all started out in a little pump house next to the hotel, but in almost no time at all they had established there very own wooden wonderland, thanks to the great demand from all the visiting boys and girls.

Today the Kamp Kwena Fort offers great fun activities, daily outings and heaps of new things to learn – thereby making the Kwena kids smarter and smarter. Kamp Kwena has a special creative room for all their messy activities, a jungle gym to keep the little ones fit and strong, a fun slide and a great sandpit. There is also a video room for watching movies and cartoons, a games room with four Play Stations, a stage for happy holiday shows, a puppet stand, a doll house and so much more.

Kamp Kwena offers a daily, supervised children’s program for four to 12 year olds. Both morning (9am – 1pm) and afternoon (2pm – 5pm) sessions are offered and activities range from creative fun and games to mini Olympics, bumper boats, wildlife excursions and sandcastle building.

The great thing about Kamp Kwena is that it just keeps growing and growing. They now also have a second Kamp Kwena facility, situated in the Entertainment Centre of Sun City, called the Kamp Kwena Creché. Here those little ones who are only at Sun City for the day can also have lots of fun with the Kwena team while mom and dad are off having their own grownup fun. The crèche is open from 10am to 12pm from Sundays to Thursdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. All kids, from little babies up to 12 year-olds, are welcome to come have some great fun at the crèche.

Kwena is also a great planner of parties and special functions, so why not have your little one’s birthday bash at Kamp Kwena – where snacks, activities and heaps of fun are all part of the package?

Kamp Kwena seems to always try – and succeed – to provide that special bit of magic that Sun City promises.

Stimela Train and Other Activities

Sun City has a unique addition to the fun activities for little ones and adults alike, a colourful little train called Stimela. The Stimela station is situated opposite Kamp Kwena on the Cabanas Hotel’s lawns. The train is operational from 9am to 6pm every day.

Animal World and Birds of Prey Centre

Also situated near the Cabanas and Kamp Kwena are Animal World and the Birds of Prey Centre. As the name suggests, here families can observe the wild and wonderful animal life so unique to Africa.


Waterworld is operated on a man-made lake of approximately 50 000 m2 in a natural volcanic valley. Here the entire family can enjoy a wide variety of thrilling water sports, including Parasailing, Jet skiing, Water-skiing, Wakeboarding, Tube (Doughnut) rides, Wake snake (inflatable sausage), Speed boating, Sailing, Pedal boating and cruising.

Sun City Waterworld is open to both day visitors and hotel residents, seven days a week, right through the year.

Just Plain Fun

In addition, Sun City also offers more fun in the form of Mini Golf, Trampolines, Bumper Cars and the Finders Keepers Scratch Patch.

Sun City aims to provide fun and entertainment for the whole family – and children are especially catered for.

Fishing Attractions


Dam Fishing

Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve

The endless blue of the dam offers the best fresh water angling dam in the country and annually hosts international as well as national championships. The reserve also offersn seasonal hunting packages.

Tel: 053 433 1706/


Boskop Dam Nature Reserve

Boskop Dam, which is set in rolling grasslands, serves as an important recreational destination for the many communities within close proximity. Apart from angling, opportunities for yachting, canoeing, birding and game viewing are also offered.

Contact: 018 293 1330/

Vaalkop Dam – An Angler’s Dream

The Vaalkop Dam is situated 54 km north of Brits, near Beestekraal and north-east of Rustenburg, in typical broken bushveld country. It is renowned as both an anglers and birdwatching destination.

Contact: +27 (0)83 316 4445/

River Fishing

Wolwespruit Nature Reserve

Wolwespruit Nature Reserve is well known for yellowfish angling in the rapids with artificial lures and flies. This small but scenic reserve conserves attractive riverine bush and is a popular angling and hiking destination, along the tranquil river frontage environment. It is one of the least known of the North West parks and has retained much of the appeal of the natural riverine environment. It also conserves a variety of plains game.

Contact: 018 581 9705/



Kingfishers is bound to provide a fun day out for the whole family; trout fishing for Dad and the kids and a relaxing day at the pool for Mom. Bring your picnic basket and enjoy some of the abundant birdlife. There are hot drinks available for the early fly fisherman, as well as clean facilities and secure parking for all visitors. All this located only one hour from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Contact: 072 276 8626

Magalies Barbus Haven

This is a truly eco-friendly fly-fishing venue. Experience quality fly-fishing in a peaceful and private environment. Small and large scale yellowfish are abundant in the pristine Magalies River. This magnificent spot is situated close to the Magaliesburg Village and is a mere 45 minutes from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Contact: (011) 315 4503
Cell: 083 414 0391


Bird Viewing Opportunities

The North West offers exciting and rare bird viewing opportunities. Far more than the “Big Five” Friends of the feathered kind, grab your binoc’s, don your boots and visit our numerous birding venues, albeit on foot, in a hide or on canoe.

We offer many rewarding experiences..

Barberspan Bird Sanctuary

One of the largest waterfowl sanctuaries in South Africa. Over 350 bird species have been recorded here. It has a total bird count of approximately 12000 birds. Some of the more striking recorded species include Pinkbacked Pelican, Goliath Heron, Black Egret, Yellow Billed stork, African Spoonbill, Greater Flamingo and Lesser Flamingo, White faced Duck, South African Shell Duck, Cape Shoveller, Purple Gallinule, Wood Sand Piper, Marsh Sandpiper, Green Shank, Curlew Sandpiper, Caspian Tern and Levaillant’s Cisticola.
more about Barberspan

Cape Vulture Conservancy

Tel: +27 (0)12 252 0335/
The largest and most successful colonies of the vulnerable Cape Vulture occur in the magnificent Magaliesberg conservancy.

Delareyville Salt Pans

Tel: +27 (0)53 948 0900/

Large salt pans near town attract thousands of flamingoes in summer months. A not to be missed birding experience.

Dome Trails

Dome Highland Trails / Koepelroetes
Tel: +27 (0)18 294 8572/
Fax: +27 (0)18 297 7976
Cell: +27 (0)82 856 9736/
email: [email protected]

An “ornithologists’ paradise” 400 bird species and ample small game to behold whilst hiking the numerous trails, canoeing, abseiling or rock climbing in breathtaking mountainous terrain. A variety of accommodation is available.

Groot Marico Bushveld Tours

Tel: +27 (0)14 503 0085/
Cell: +27 (0)83 272 2955/ (Santa van Bart)

More than 450 species have been recorded in this beautiful terrain. Book well in advance as tours are popular.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Tel: +27 (0)83 529 8282/
75 000 hectares is home to the biggest game relocation programme ever. Over 10 000 animals of 27 major species have been re-introduced under “Operation Phoenix”. View the “Big Five”. Qualified, armed rangers will accompany you on open Land Rover safaris or bush walks. An abundance (260) of resident and migrant bird species can be found.
Visit our web site

Makalani Bird Park

+27 (0)12 253 0656/
Located near Hartbeespoort Dam. Daily bird shows – a must for the children.

OPM Prozesky Bird Sanctuary

Tel: +27 (0)18 299-5130/2/
Over 200 bird species occur adjacent to the Mooi River in a 60 hectare sanctuary with viewing shelters.

Pilanesberg National Park

Tel: +27 (0)14 555 5355/
55 000 hectare supports over 7 000 head of game, including the Big Five and 300 bird species. Facilities include pools, golf courses and restaurants. Accommodation ranges from tents to luxurious chalets. A large diversity of flora and fauna, where the “Big Five” roam and over 300 bird species occur. Guided day and night game drives are available, as well as hot air balloon safaris.
Visit our web site

Golfing Treasures

World-class golf, sports and entertainment facilities await you in the North West Province of South Africa, amidst the peace, quiet and wide-open spaces symbolic of the province. Golf courses include the Gary Player Country Club at Sun City, home to the Nedbank Golf Challenge, Lost City Country Club, Pecanwood Golf and Country Club and Leopard Park Golf Course in Mahikeng.

And, the North West now offers now offers organised tours that include the best golf, wildlife and culture experience available in Africa

Golf at Pecanwood

Famous Golf Courses in the North West Province

Gary Player Country Club in Sun City

The Gary Player Country Club at the famed Sun City Resort obtained the first layout to conform to USGA specifications when it was built in 1979. Best known as the home of the Nedbank Golf Challenge, most golfers, including Compleat Golfer magazine, rank this course as the best in South Africa.

It is acknowledged as a difficult and demanding course, requiring stamina and accuracy from players. The comparatively flat nature of the golf course is misleading – water hazards, cunningly sited bunkers and pins hidden away on kidney shaped greens makes up for the lack of gradient.

Off the back markers the course measures over 7 000 metres which makes it one of the longest in the world. But a variety of tees make it possible to shorten the course and render playable for all levels of golfers. A distinguishing feature of the course is its green’s complexes, with strategically placed bunkers, swales and mounds that protect the super slick clover shaped greens. With pristine perfect kikuyu fairways and excellent bent grass greens the course is kept in perfect condition all year round.

A feature hole? They are all good at the Gary Player Country Club, but for risk and reward the stand-out is the 9th. Play this par-5 from the forward tees and then have a go for the island green with your second and thrill to the challenge of this superb test of golf.

Lost City Golf Course at Sun City

The Sun City Resort is also home to the Lost City Country Club, very different to the Gary Player Country Club’s layout but no less alluring. This course was built in 1992, and was the first to benefit from the services of a professional shaper when it was constructed.

Golfers are astounded by the breathtaking beauty of the par-72 Lost City Golf Course. The rich green fairways give a dramatic contrast to the bushveld backdrop and the barren waste bunkers – a special feature of this intriguing course. The desert style design of the golf course has an exotic allure of its own. Designer Gary Player has acknowledged it as one of his favourite courses.

The Lost City Golf Course is flexible: playing off the forward tee a course length of 5 953 metres, extending to 6 983 metres off the back tee. The course provides spectacular views.

The most hazardous area of the Lost City Golf Course is the 13th hole. Inhabiting the water hazard are 38 crocodiles, some of them nearly two metres long. Golfers are discouraged from retrieving their wayward balls from the croc infested pool. The unusual water hazard is just one of the features that make the Lost City Golf Course exciting and interesting to play. No effort was spared to make the course a masterpiece.

Playing the back nine is like going on a golf safari. It has often been noted that the game is more exciting when played downhill and this is certainly the case here. In addition to the previously mentioned 13th, holes eleven, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen are all played from elevated tees offering thrill, excitement and challenge to the golfer. And some of the most spectacular African views to be had on a golf course.

Pecanwood Golf and Country Club – Hartbeespoort Dam

As Africa’s first ever Jack Nicklaus Signature course, Pecanwood holds a proud place in the continent’s golf collection. The estate, nestled on the southern banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam and surrounded by the beautiful Magaliesberg Mountains, has established itself as one of South Africa’s premier golf destinations. (Rated number 10 by Golf Digest)

Pecanwood is a mere 40 minute drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria and 60 minutes from the famous Sun City Resort. It is also conveniently close to the Waterberg region with its many game reserves.

The layout of this course is first class. It is tough and challenging in itself and you will have to contend with the wind that usually picks up from the Dam in the afternoon. This is a course designed to test your skills to the full, and maybe far too tough for the weekend part-timer.

The Pecanwood Golf Course is long and exceptionally flat. The Crenshaw bent greens, a first in South Africa, are fast and true. The wide kikuyu grassed fairways make for forgiving scores, if you don’t reach one of the vast amount of bunkers – a characteristic of any Jack Nicklaus design. Water hazards come into play on 9 of the 18 holes, sided by large indigenous trees.

The signature thirteenth is particularly interesting and beautiful. You play around the lake to a green that juts out onto water surrounded by shrubs, bunkers and water.

Leopard Park Golf Course – Mahikeng

Situated in Mahikeng, the capital of North West Province, this skilfully constructed course is like an oasis in the desert with water coming into play at eight of the 18 holes.

The course has flat, narrow kikuyu fairways, true bent grass greens, many grass bunkers and water hazards, and an island green at the 18th.

Visitors are welcome every day. Facilities include a Pro-Shop, club hire, cart hire and driving range.

Course Description:

Designed by: Peter Matkovich and Dale Hayes
Type: Parklands golf course
Grass: Kikuyu on fairways, bent grass on greens
Length: Championship – 6720m, Club – 6362m